Kuncai High Effect Pearlescent Pigments

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Automotive Coatings

Through meticulous accelerated weathering tests, paint adhesion, and cross-hatch tests, we have created a proven automotive grade pearlescent pigment that features superior weather resistance properties, high color chroma, strong gloss, narrow particle size distribution, and strong lipophilic capability. These features are critical for achieving a coating that is beautifully aesthetic and weather resistant.


Pearlescent pigments can be applied to plastics to create a finish on plastic products that stands out from the rest. Our industrial pearlescent pigment can be widely applied in different processing technology such as injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, or casting. Additionally, pearl pigments can be applied to masterbatch for plastic products, cosmetic packaging, personal care containers, food or medicine packaging, tubing, commodity plastics, toys, fasteners, wearable plastics, constructive plastics, and decorations etc.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Kuncai Cosmetic Grade pearlescent pigment is based on sustainable synthetic mica substrate produced by Kuncai. Our cosmetic line contains no hazardous substances and are heavily tested for low heavy metal content levels and heat resistance. We have a specialized cGMP standard workshop to implement management standard of cGMP and conform to rules and regulations of the FDA.


Pearlescent pigment is applicable to various printing inks including gravure, relief block, flexography, silkscreen, coated print etc. in order to produce paperboards, wallpapers, name cards, tipping papers, greeting cards, various packing papers, magazines, posters and other textiles. When applied to printed material, a decorative pigment would help to create and bring out a vivid color and elegant pearl luster to add to any design.

Industrial Coatings

The excellent dispersion performance and stable physicochemical characteristics enables pearlescent pigment to be widely used in industrial coatings. Paint is instantly transformed by mixing with pearlescent pigment to create an impressive pearl luster and metal effect. Whether it is autopart coatings, interior decoration coatings, or furniture coatings, pearl pigments can surely transform any paint formulation for a high luster effect.


A wallpaper with pearlescent pigments can change the mood of a room. From changing and mysterious to bright and inviting, the options are endless with the application of our products. Pearlescent wallpaper owns delicate design and creates a dimensional effect that is sure to be an artistic piece to any space.