Diamond Series:

Composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide and other metal oxides, our super flash Diamond series creates a sparkling multi-color diamond-like dazzling effect that will enhance your product’s appearance and attract your customers.  With exceptional transparent clarity, this series is more chromatic, pure, intense, and reflective than typical pearlescent pigments.
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Industrial Series:

Our special effect pearlescent pigments offers a variety of colors including, silver white, gold, red, purple, blue, green, and other attractive colors. Equipped with excellent characteristics such as light resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance. Our pigments are non-conducive, non-magnetic, anti-yellowing, and have stable chemical properties.  Kuncai uses self-designed production equipment which is environmental friendly and economically efficient. Our dust free pearlescent pigments help plastic producers with easy dispersion, and saves time from pre-dispersion and production machine cleaning.
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DinaStar Series:

This new extraordinary quality brand of premium pearlescent pigments consists of completely transparent synthetic borosilicate flake, with upgraded technology to get an increased coating ratio. The changing coating layer gives the fascinating color effect, sparkling tri-dimensional diamond luster and brilliant shimmer. The DinaStar series special features include: intense color saturation, excellent luminous metallic effect, exceptional brilliance and hiding performance, and precisely controlled particle size distribution.  With DinaStar’s strong interference luster, you can always find the appropriate product to use in general coatings, and automotive paints. The glamourous DinaStar series also offers multiple particle size and color options for high-end cosmetics packaging material and makeup products.  DinaStar meets color demand and inspires unique products.
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SyaKarp Series:

SyaKarp series applies modern science and technology to produce pigments with three-dimensional optics, high chroma, and bright character. SyaKarp is created from our highest quality of natural mica, developed from decades of technical advancement achieved by strict production control with the highest standards of excellence. SyaKarp is the aesthetic choice for any consumer looking to enrich their product with a contemporary effect.
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Automotive Series:

Kuncai is the leading supplier to many prominent automotive paint manufacturers worldwide. Our Automotive series offers high weathering resistant properties through the use of multi-coating and a special surface treatment.  This series has a critically controlled particle size distribution and undergoes strict process inspection requirements for accurate and stable hue control, weathering resistance, and adhesion. The special features for the Automotive series include: upgraded eco-friendly processing, superior even coating, and is suitable for water-based and solvent coatings.
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Kyntaline Series:

Kyntaline is the newest addition to our innovative pearl effect pigment line. Combining precise scientific coating technology with more than an 80% coating ratio, Kyntaline presents a strong luminous luster with optical dimensional intensity that will enrich your product.
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Fluorocarbon Series:

Fluorocarbon series products have superior properties such as color stability and ultraviolet resistance, created specifically for the powder and coil coatings industries.  Rigorous lab testing and application trials demonstrated the successful stability of titanium dioxide. The outstanding weather resistance of fluorocarbon fully meets the most stringent process requirements, bringing quality to your products.
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Setallic Series:

Our Setallic series produces a fascinating and high performance product. This series displays glistening orange and red colors along with supreme dimensional visual effects. Setallic can be used in high-end automotive paint, for fashionable cosmetics colors, general industrial, and interior decorative paints. It consists of the self-produced, superior synthetic mica substrate along with multiple coating layers to bring out the strong interference colors that mirror the colors shifting from sunrise to sunset. Setallic has incredible high purity, brightness, and exhibits high hiding performance.
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Plovence Series:

Plovence was created using synthetic mica, displaying a three-dimensional vision. It’s bright flash and high chroma will transform your product. Inspired by the Provence region in France, it’s the home of lavender and romance. Equipped with durable weather resistance and bright color effect, this series captures superiority and elegance.
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Synthetic Crystal Series:

Synthetic crystal series are superior to natural white pearl pigments with their high purity. Created with strong crystal luster, this series is equipped with odorless and heavy metal free components The Synthetic Crystal series can be applied to coatings, paintings, plastics, and printing ink industries. Ensured safety and suitable for cosmetic and food packaging.
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Chameleon Series:

Chameleon generates unique optical illusions that show multi-colors depending on the viewing angle. With strong mirror-like effects, Chameleon series is controlled by strict particle size distributions and multi-layer metal oxide coatings. Delivering high luster and strong variation color effects, Chameleon is superior to the market.
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